May 09, 2013

choice or life

i've been trying to come up with something to say.

tuesday is the 40th anniversary of the decision to legalize abortion in the u.s.

the floodgates were opened, it almost seems hopeless

but it is never hopeless

i am a fan of max lucado, and i borrowed these words from him. they speak of our value to God

*you aren't an accident. you weren't mass-produced. you aren't an assembly line product. you were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth by the Master Craftsman.

*we are His idea. we are His. His face. His eyes. His hands. His touch. we are Him. look deeply into the face of every human being on earth and you will see His

likeness. though some appear to be distant relatives, they are not. God has no cousins, only children.

*you aren't an accident or an incident; you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God.

*in the scheme of nature homo sapiens are not unique. we aren't the only creatures with flesh and hair and blood and hearts. what makes us special is not our

body but the signature of God on our lives. we are His works of art. we are created in His image to do good deeds. we are significant, not because of what we do

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too much pain

If nothing else, I gained new resolve to treat those around me with more tenderness and patience, to hug my children more and snap at them less, to tell them every day that I love them, to pray earnestly for them and with them to turn their little consciences toward God cell phone covers.

I remember the words of a friend, once, when I was lamenting the fact that so many children suffer and are hurt and die innocently, and how is it not sometimes hard to believe in an all-good God when there is so much pain? And she said, "In the end, it will be set right. There will be justice computer embroidery factory”.

And it will. Heaven is big enough, eternity is long enough, to heal all the hurts of the lost children; the memories banished like they never happened, burned away by the light of His glory.

There’s already too much pain, so let’s love someone today. We might be keeping them from someday having someone write a sad book about their tragic, horrible life nuskin 如新

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March 04, 2013

A Few More Sketchbook Pages

Anybody can
but not everybody does.

I try to draw something everyday. Some days it is much harder. I work a full time job, have to cook and clean, get to and from work. There is little time or energy left to draw, still I force myself to draw something every day.

The first sketch is of a yellow rumped blackbird. This fellow stops by my window nearly every evening just before sunset and settles into the nearby trees. He sits and chirps for a few minutes and then flies off. I don't know where he is coming from or where he is going, but I can't help but wonder, why he stops and sings for such a short time and then flies off. His eyes are bright baby blue. You can't see that very well in the video, but they stand out in the view from my window.

The next sketch I did last night on my way into bed. I had just turned off the light and was going to draw the shade when I looked out and three cats were walking along the top of the garden wall, casting shadows on the neighbors' houses. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and made this drawing while it was fresh in my mind. It was a very cool to see. I might make a painting of this one.

The last sketch I completed at lunch today. Many of the workers gather at the pavilion to eat and some linger about, gabbing and playing cards afterwards. Most slip off to find a shady tree and take a little siesta nap. I tried capturing the essence of the setting. I might do a few more of these and maybe a painting as well after I return to my studio.

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My lovely weekend

Well, my lovelies; the weekend is almost over and what do we have to show for it? Did we accomplish what we set out to accomplish? I certainly hope so. Myself, Brian and the dog? We shamelessly hibernated. This gloomy winter weather has me considering a future move out West. But then I must ask myself: Should that day ever come, would I be wishing to experience the four seasons once again online marketing?

Usually I'm easy to please and want or need very little to keep me satisfied. But man, I'd sure like to feel some sunshine on my face and hear the birds singing a lyrical spring song garage storage.

This morning I laced up the boots, leashed up the canine and together we took off on our morning hike around the canal. Snow flurries and a nippley temperature kept our pace quite swift. Like my knit hat? Everyone should have some skulls & crossbones in their wardrobe. I've heard that accessories make the outfit.
I'm not really much of a fashionista, feeling more comfortable in t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans. Perhaps the hat sets off my snow boots luxury brand?

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The world lives through camera phone

Is it just me, or have camera- mainly camera phones taken over as eyes for people? Anytime you go to show someone something rather cool or inspiring the response is always - "Oh, hold on a sec- let me get my phone out" or if the person doesn't have their device with them they are so bumed out they can't even enjoy the moment anymore.

I get the idea of wanting to capture things forever and to "have them" for the future. But if you didn't even live it, and enjoy it in the present, what does that image really mean to you?

I've been to a lot of concerts/events recently, and honestly it's dissapointing to see people instead of enjoying themselves, just busy being photographers in the audience. Not that i'm not guilty of recording moments or taking snapshots myself, but everything should be done in moderation. Sometimes I catch myself and have to stop myself and just put my phone or camera away. I just tell myself- you have a few photos, that's all you need really. In ten years am I really going to look through 60 blurry images of my favorite artist on stage?

Parents overdoing it with their kids is another thing. As an aunt I'm also guilty of this, though I made a conscious decision and effort to not worry so much about capturing this weekend when my niece came over. And honestly whereas normally I'm upset and sad when she leaves, this time I know at least I spent those 72 hours enjoying it to the fullest with her in reality and not through an iPhone screen.

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Do You Trust Me?

Trust issues seem to have become more commonplace, and with good reason I'm being told, due to all the different platforms of social media: twitter, facebook, and forms of communication: email, texting, etc. Gone are the ways of sending telegrams and harmless pieces of paper via pigeons flying through the skies- which leads to more routes for "cheating".

I agree with this observation, and disagree with it at the same time. Hence the quotation marks. But let me tell you to the real reason I'm starting this discussion with you all.

I was talking to one of my friends about his relationship the other day- actually he was opening up to me and venting about certain situations he was experiencing. He flat out told me something which stopped me in my tracks: his girlfriend hacked into his email account, was snooping around and "found something" which turned out to be something she misinterpreted anyways. I nearly dropped my bag of jelly beans that I was eating when he told me this "minor” detail of their relationship. She told him in her defense, that she did this only because she had a "situation” happen with her in the past with another guy, and that she wanted to make sure he was being honest with herClaire Hsu.

Ladies & Gents, violation of privacy is never okay!!! Some people will try to justify that you need to look through a person's phone, or email to "make sure they are truly being honest” with you and that there is nothing else going on- but here's my theory: If you can't go by a person's words and trust that, then what exactly does your relationship truly mean at the end of the day?

If you don't know the person well enough to know what they are doing (the truth always comes out, I really do believe that), what does that say about you? If a person says "I love you" but is doing shady things behind your back, doesn't that invalidate everything else they have said or claimed they felt for you? So what will you really accomplish by browsing through their texts or email account if you are already having a "gut feeling” that something is not right?

People that have insecurity complexes in a relationship may do things like go through phones or email accounts, and put unnecessary tension, and strain on the relationship if they are falsely accusing someone of something. It's like the saying goes, if you are looking for something you are bound to find it. If you have the mindset to look for a message from a girl in an email, and have other thoughts going through your mind, you may very well misinterpret anything to be something that may not be in fact what you thought. Personal space exists for a very good reason in my opinionClaire Hsu.

I once dated someone who was possessive, had trust issues, and I can tell you from my own personal experience it is a red flag. Nothing good will come out of that relationship after that personal boundary gets compromised. Some people think that someone checking up on you is a sign of "deep love” from a partner or that they don't want to be without you. I'm telling you its that they have something which is truly a toxic characteristic which you should run far, far away from.

A relationship should be based on trust, and communication. If one of those two is lacking, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about what's going on- NOT go playing Veronica Mars.

To quote Justin Bobby for "The Hills" fans out there, circa 2006 "Truth & Time Tells All".

So what is your opinion? Have you ever gone through someone's things and then regretted it after wards or do you justify that behaviorClaire Hsu?

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roadside crosses

Every two weeks my curiosity piques, for that's when my line of vision is slapped askew by this roadside cross.
I cruise past it on my road trip up to Bunker Hill and while on my trip I allow my imagination to wander and I concoct elaborate tales of how that very cross came to exist. Naturally the outcome is never very promising Bookcases.

There's another roadside cross much closer in distance; about a mile outside of town. Occasionally I witness a Latino family gathered there at the side of the highway; pulling weeds, placing a new flower arrangement or decorating for a holiday lg cell phone covers.
Once I was secretly pleased to see some birthday balloons floating gently in the wind adhered with colored ribbons. Secretly pleased, yes, but also a bit disturbed by this as well  dermes.

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February 27, 2013

All of a sudden

Yesterday afternoon, Doug carrying me to Shishan, a small pond in a circle.On the road to see the unknown flowers, trees and green colors, full of vitality ang yang.Spring is coming.

Looking for spring?I remember 09 years, I went to a spring with peas, riding a bicycle nu skin.

Now, when after the road is already different, repair and nice man does not come out.

After coming back, and learned of Foshan just out of the housing purchase restrictions.We're in a fluster nuskin hk.

This afternoon, signed the contract to, want to buy a 144.22 side of the so-called "luxury".Determined, perhaps to leave the village city center living for a period of time.This time how long?In five years, or eight years?I'm not surenu skin group,

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Because to understand

And to work.I don't know how many people like me, it had no feeling, muddleheaded, passed in a flash.A home which do not want to go, just want to have the house, to accompany their parents to Lao Lao dishes, do the housework, and mother's specialty, again good thing.I like this twenty days of nothing has single people, fear most is the lunar January relatives, from eight Kou her uncle seven plus distant relatives care greetings and household survey, there are enthusiastic, preparing to sell, I said the pressure of big mountain.And I never done professional acting training, in the family party, will play a still to pass by of soy sauce, even the best lines do not have.This cold not the D became the protagonist, is not really adapt.A word is repeated three times really impatient look cheerful, and also can't keep pretending.So my dad always said I have no conscience, and relatives also don't kiss.For those who have seen several years not once met, no common language, usually have no intersection of the so-called distant relatives, to tell the truth, really not much.I am inclined to share, exchange, communication, connection, but not clumsy in communication.Never try to violate or force yourself.If the karma is mature, then far people will meet.The will always be together.Climbing paltrily, and be patient to cultivate and watering your heart, healthy seeds, let it blossom fruit.Of course, I also know, who like the warmth of the people, so that I this is thin cool, a poor talker and shy person really is no market Claire Hsu.

All say this year began to take the route of the people first, act loving and selling rot.I don't want to spit, overall feeling good, at least for my parents look very happy, so I am very happy, although they did not understand my joy.Of course, if there is a good gay friend there was more perfect.Obviously, my parents is not to "beat you not naive, no shoes" this sentence excited.Also don't know Yundi why called leehom.So that the resonance is very important, it is important to know.Take the watch TV, I like watching TV, but live with my roommate never watch foreign films.She always said that even words all don't understand watching naoxin.I said you can look at the subtitles, but also can practice spoken english.But I really have no persuasion, she still doesn't like.For instance, I very like a movie, feel very touched, glad to recommend it to others, even to sit with him again, but he saw half think don't get around much anymore, can't watch anymore.What feelings are not from the experience of.He could not understand the film, could not understand me.This time I will feel lost.Don't talk.The music is all, colleagues, all the divine comedy.I even heard of Cheer Chen are not deemed fit.

Of course, there is a reasonable, personal preferences it, I will understand.As I think they hear the song for the same.I like the quiet melody, but in others ears, felt that is not living with dead voice.It also can not blame others, after all, but few friends.Even the parents are unable to completely understand their children.Take my mom, don't know who to listen to mother sent her daughter last year said small goldfish, and ready to give me a surprise, bought a fish and a gold bracelet.In order not to let her down, I'm like.But she did not know, I have no feeling of gold, more don't like to wear gold and silver jewelry, she saw I always forget to wear, and I set the days of gas.You see, originally very happy thing, finally make each other happy.Well, I also want to express is, I still can't afford to buy the camera loves, just is the goldfish Drop proof phone case .

The people who know you, will use the way you need to love you; do not know you, will he needed a way to love you.So, you know, are often twice the result with half the effort, he love freely, you are happy; don't understand you, is often wasted effort, he loved was difficult, you have worked hard.I had so often.Blindly to the good things hard to love someone.But forget to ask whether they can handle.So the outcome was unsatisfactory toughest phone case.

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February 25, 2013

happy birthday

In the year of the tiger today, so I spent a memorable birthday.

Early in the morning the whole point, her first sent me birthday wishes, she will always be there, let people full of surprises, the love of friends try to melt in the deep affection.Lying in the quilt, the sleep, hear the voice information, curiosity makes I want to open the sound transmission direction.

"Happy birthday, dear."The whole morning, blessing to my heart.I am grateful to God to give me the good friends, whether happy, sad have them with me through.Be forced to leave one's hometown here for many years, never give their birthday, just want to quietly through the belongs to own one day, because I feel that I should give her more love, she took me to the world of a riot of colours; on the contrary, it is my mother gave me more, every year's today is mother wishes to every year, today received mother care most.

"Elder sister, happy birthday!"Don't know is it right? Everyone is the same, with the increase of time, people thought will be mature, usually naughty, big and small let the family worry about me all these years will be on this day to give me a call, more than all, warm in the heart, direct diddled me out of the crystal clear tears.

"XXX, happy birthday!I here you please eat today, or I'll fly you to ask me to eat meal in the past!"So long, one hundred and eight thousand miles uncle for the first time in the time to call me, ha ha.Thank God, I could be the happiest person in the world, had a family pet, friends, more than all,,,

The delicious cake, dinner, surprise, romantic music, friends, family, love, let me really happy birthday.Ping, beans, chicken, handsome, aromatic,,, have you guys, my life will be full of color, thank you for the gift of God to me!!!

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February 04, 2013

Let it Begin

About 2 years ago, I decided to get into reef keeping. I set up a 180 gallon tank with a custom stand that I built in my apartment bedroom. It was a work of art, if I do say myselfcraft storage. Then the worse thing ever happened (well, not really...but read on)...I met someone. It was love instantly. I decided to move to Florida to get married, but sadly, my tank could not go with me. It was 98% set up. It was ready for water and live rockmarketing strategy.

Well, so is life. Fast forward 2 years and I'm now separated, and I want ot get back into reef keeping. Today I bought a 90 gallon reef ready tank. It will be a slow process, as I plan to build another tank stand. I'm not going to rush things and get into debt like I did last time. ...but today it beginspaint rollers.

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January 31, 2013

Bosses more likely to hire someone they fancy

Employers are more likely to hire people they fancy, researchers claim, as they find "leisure pursuits, background and self-presentation" are more important than skills.

Women in the workplace have fought a long battle to prove their skills, experience and CV are the only keys to their success.

But their efforts may have been in vain, as a study find good looks, a winning smile and a little gentle flirtation may be the key to securing a job after all.

Bosses would rather hire someone they find attractive and enjoy spending time with than the perfectly-qualified candidate, it has been claimed香港谷歌优化

They would rather employ someone "who will be their friend or maybe even their romantic partner”, with whom they feel a "spark”, researchers have suggested.

A study, conducted by American sociologists, has found interviewers at banking, law and management consultancy firms consistently prefer applicants they "feel good around”.

More than half of employers claim attractiveness, the right social background and how candidates spend their leisure time are the most important considerations when hiring, it is claimed.

Dr Lauren Rivera, from Northwestern University in the United States, found interviewers often put their personal feelings of comfort, acceptance and excitement first.

Half of those studied ranked "cultural fit” as the most important criterion at job interview stage, meaning they were more likely to hire someone with the same "leisure pursuits, background and self-presentation” as current staff.

"Of course employers are looking for people who have the baseline of skills to effectively do the job,” she said.

"But, beyond that, employers really want people who they will bond with, who they will feel good around, who will be their friend and maybe even their romantic partner.

"As a result, employers don't necessarily hire the most skilled candidates."

The study, based on 120 interviews and published in the American Sociological Review, is the first investigation of its kind into whether shared culture between employers and job candidates matters.

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January 24, 2013


If you do someone a good turn today, don't expect a thank you. ‘Cheers', ‘ta' or even ‘wicked' is the more likely response, if a survey is to be believed.

Research among computer users suggests that the traditional expression of gratitude has fallen by the wayside.

Almost half of those polled said they now use ‘cheers' more often than ‘thank you嬰兒配方奶粉'.

Four out of ten said ‘thank you' sounded too formal - so they used more catchy, chatty words such as ‘fab', ‘lovely' or ‘wicked'.

A third said they would often just resort to a quick wave instead of saying ‘thank you'.

And 77 percent said that any of the words used to say thanks were irrelevant, believing a pleasant gesture works just as well.

The poll of 3,000 people was carried out by the online gift store Me to You.

Spokesman Caroline Weaver said: ‘While the great British public might feel uncomfortable saying thank you these days, they do like to show their gratitude in other waysDecorative Works.

‘Respondents felt it didn't matter how you thanked someone for their kind actions, as long as you did so in a friendly and polite way.

‘At the end of the day everyone knows that a big smile and some form of acknowledgment is all it takes to show we are grateful.'

According to the survey, two thirds of respondents believed Britain was a ‘rude' nation and 84 percent think others should make more of an effort to show appreciation天然面膜

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