November 29, 2013

it felt bitterness in my heart

Lioness died, watching the corpse Lion lioness pains for several days without food or drink . Its subjects were said to it : " ! Lion Yeah since the lion went , let her rest in peace now!" Lion one, think it is right, it held a grand funeral for the lioness , as well lioness built a magnificent tombhome organizer online .

Since then , the highest honor always right to walk beside the grave of a lioness . One day , it found little lioness graves alone are not good-looking , so it's kind of beside the grave of a lioness under a lot of flowers. As a result, it felt pretty much .

Before long, they feel Lion lioness beside the graves or something worse , it is thought, but also in the grave next to his wife planted a lot of trees add hair.

Years later, they grow lush trees , the flowers bloom mouthwatering , Lion deeply revel in the beauty in this .

Suddenly , it felt bitterness in my heart and seems to have a regret , regret what in the end and this is it ? It is thought ah think ah , finally found the grave of a lioness destroyed the front of perfection. Thus, it is ordered that the lioness lions graves set aside this beautiful place PolyU Social Responsibility.

As a result, Lion finally felt perfect. But it had forgotten the original purpose of beautifying the place .

In fact, people often make the mistake . We are a family, to be together with your loved one . Expatriate lifestyle , is to allow a loved one to live a happier life. But many people in the family more and more advanced hardware , the feeling is growing short , and ultimately parted ways. The original smart people , it will inevitably commit the same as the highest honor in the forest for the trees mistakes ah !

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November 11, 2013

When I'm gone

Suddenly I do not know why, write a few words , essays Well,
When I'm gone.
In fact , sometimes it is really tired, I know , to be a multiple personality who is really tired, obviously tired , but it was filled . Could not get himself to the last , I do not know what could have happened are always some people who , in my time of need I need to say some words , right time but wrong person. So , I will stick with it the .
In fact, I hate this kind of person I am , extremely boring , I like to pretend like acting , strong ambition , because strong ambition , obviously tired of the kind his mother to die when still persist, the results really persevered, frightening, sometimes do not recognize themselves in holding on to something , but it 's why insist on ? Freak ah that is. Neurotic , gods to death, especially for a certain girl, you know, I was for your own good , their own plot ah. There are, ah , that is sometimes the same as with the Spring Festival , feel good about themselves , then it is the last , and easy to unrequited love ,
Actually it, we is a distance between the length of the shadow , with the passage of time , shortened or elongated. When I was with the same scope of your domain , which ( we are from , shadow ) to the most value will remain unchanged . As long as either party has retracted the original which step stride , the most value as a result of variable elongated , even to the end of life without each intersection.

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