March 04, 2013

A Few More Sketchbook Pages

Anybody can
but not everybody does.

I try to draw something everyday. Some days it is much harder. I work a full time job, have to cook and clean, get to and from work. There is little time or energy left to draw, still I force myself to draw something every day.

The first sketch is of a yellow rumped blackbird. This fellow stops by my window nearly every evening just before sunset and settles into the nearby trees. He sits and chirps for a few minutes and then flies off. I don't know where he is coming from or where he is going, but I can't help but wonder, why he stops and sings for such a short time and then flies off. His eyes are bright baby blue. You can't see that very well in the video, but they stand out in the view from my window.

The next sketch I did last night on my way into bed. I had just turned off the light and was going to draw the shade when I looked out and three cats were walking along the top of the garden wall, casting shadows on the neighbors' houses. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and made this drawing while it was fresh in my mind. It was a very cool to see. I might make a painting of this one.

The last sketch I completed at lunch today. Many of the workers gather at the pavilion to eat and some linger about, gabbing and playing cards afterwards. Most slip off to find a shady tree and take a little siesta nap. I tried capturing the essence of the setting. I might do a few more of these and maybe a painting as well after I return to my studio.

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My lovely weekend

Well, my lovelies; the weekend is almost over and what do we have to show for it? Did we accomplish what we set out to accomplish? I certainly hope so. Myself, Brian and the dog? We shamelessly hibernated. This gloomy winter weather has me considering a future move out West. But then I must ask myself: Should that day ever come, would I be wishing to experience the four seasons once again online marketing?

Usually I'm easy to please and want or need very little to keep me satisfied. But man, I'd sure like to feel some sunshine on my face and hear the birds singing a lyrical spring song garage storage.

This morning I laced up the boots, leashed up the canine and together we took off on our morning hike around the canal. Snow flurries and a nippley temperature kept our pace quite swift. Like my knit hat? Everyone should have some skulls & crossbones in their wardrobe. I've heard that accessories make the outfit.
I'm not really much of a fashionista, feeling more comfortable in t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans. Perhaps the hat sets off my snow boots luxury brand?

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The world lives through camera phone

Is it just me, or have camera- mainly camera phones taken over as eyes for people? Anytime you go to show someone something rather cool or inspiring the response is always - "Oh, hold on a sec- let me get my phone out" or if the person doesn't have their device with them they are so bumed out they can't even enjoy the moment anymore.

I get the idea of wanting to capture things forever and to "have them" for the future. But if you didn't even live it, and enjoy it in the present, what does that image really mean to you?

I've been to a lot of concerts/events recently, and honestly it's dissapointing to see people instead of enjoying themselves, just busy being photographers in the audience. Not that i'm not guilty of recording moments or taking snapshots myself, but everything should be done in moderation. Sometimes I catch myself and have to stop myself and just put my phone or camera away. I just tell myself- you have a few photos, that's all you need really. In ten years am I really going to look through 60 blurry images of my favorite artist on stage?

Parents overdoing it with their kids is another thing. As an aunt I'm also guilty of this, though I made a conscious decision and effort to not worry so much about capturing this weekend when my niece came over. And honestly whereas normally I'm upset and sad when she leaves, this time I know at least I spent those 72 hours enjoying it to the fullest with her in reality and not through an iPhone screen.

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Do You Trust Me?

Trust issues seem to have become more commonplace, and with good reason I'm being told, due to all the different platforms of social media: twitter, facebook, and forms of communication: email, texting, etc. Gone are the ways of sending telegrams and harmless pieces of paper via pigeons flying through the skies- which leads to more routes for "cheating".

I agree with this observation, and disagree with it at the same time. Hence the quotation marks. But let me tell you to the real reason I'm starting this discussion with you all.

I was talking to one of my friends about his relationship the other day- actually he was opening up to me and venting about certain situations he was experiencing. He flat out told me something which stopped me in my tracks: his girlfriend hacked into his email account, was snooping around and "found something" which turned out to be something she misinterpreted anyways. I nearly dropped my bag of jelly beans that I was eating when he told me this "minor” detail of their relationship. She told him in her defense, that she did this only because she had a "situation” happen with her in the past with another guy, and that she wanted to make sure he was being honest with herClaire Hsu.

Ladies & Gents, violation of privacy is never okay!!! Some people will try to justify that you need to look through a person's phone, or email to "make sure they are truly being honest” with you and that there is nothing else going on- but here's my theory: If you can't go by a person's words and trust that, then what exactly does your relationship truly mean at the end of the day?

If you don't know the person well enough to know what they are doing (the truth always comes out, I really do believe that), what does that say about you? If a person says "I love you" but is doing shady things behind your back, doesn't that invalidate everything else they have said or claimed they felt for you? So what will you really accomplish by browsing through their texts or email account if you are already having a "gut feeling” that something is not right?

People that have insecurity complexes in a relationship may do things like go through phones or email accounts, and put unnecessary tension, and strain on the relationship if they are falsely accusing someone of something. It's like the saying goes, if you are looking for something you are bound to find it. If you have the mindset to look for a message from a girl in an email, and have other thoughts going through your mind, you may very well misinterpret anything to be something that may not be in fact what you thought. Personal space exists for a very good reason in my opinionClaire Hsu.

I once dated someone who was possessive, had trust issues, and I can tell you from my own personal experience it is a red flag. Nothing good will come out of that relationship after that personal boundary gets compromised. Some people think that someone checking up on you is a sign of "deep love” from a partner or that they don't want to be without you. I'm telling you its that they have something which is truly a toxic characteristic which you should run far, far away from.

A relationship should be based on trust, and communication. If one of those two is lacking, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about what's going on- NOT go playing Veronica Mars.

To quote Justin Bobby for "The Hills" fans out there, circa 2006 "Truth & Time Tells All".

So what is your opinion? Have you ever gone through someone's things and then regretted it after wards or do you justify that behaviorClaire Hsu?

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roadside crosses

Every two weeks my curiosity piques, for that's when my line of vision is slapped askew by this roadside cross.
I cruise past it on my road trip up to Bunker Hill and while on my trip I allow my imagination to wander and I concoct elaborate tales of how that very cross came to exist. Naturally the outcome is never very promising Bookcases.

There's another roadside cross much closer in distance; about a mile outside of town. Occasionally I witness a Latino family gathered there at the side of the highway; pulling weeds, placing a new flower arrangement or decorating for a holiday lg cell phone covers.
Once I was secretly pleased to see some birthday balloons floating gently in the wind adhered with colored ribbons. Secretly pleased, yes, but also a bit disturbed by this as well  dermes.

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