December 27, 2013

The park flowers

The park has a lot of flowers, to fight beautiful, it is truly exciting. In the golden sunshine in the morning, breathing the air cools, stroll in the flowers, always a feel fresh.

Below, introduce us to be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful flowers.

Perching butterflies -- Begonia flower

Park inside a lot of Begonia, have red, pink and white. Begonia leaves thick, above a layer of wax things, the sun, shining, like the debut of a star. Begonia open a bunch of tender flowers, each flower is two small leaf, middle long a goose yellow tipped stamens, like many small butterfly perched on branches, the breeze blowing, the wings of a butterfly gently swing, really full of life.
Wait to taste lobster -- clothing flower shrimp

Shrimp Yi Hua is a very interesting flower, it took a look at the past, like a boiled shrimp, red, still bent over, really be worthy of the name. Every time I see a potted shrimp dress flower is placed in the white pot, I feel a little funny, because it was so like the bowl of reeky, just on the table, waiting for people to eat lobster, slobber ah, slobber

Rich attitude of Coleus

Coleus blumei grew a rich phase, large leaves overlapping stacked in one place, is very eye-catching. Coleus leaves are thick red purple, with a layer of golden edge, so clear color leaves stacked in one place, it is reminiscent of rich family vault, like the house luminous gold and silver jewelry is so heap in one place.
Basking in the quilt -- New Guinea Impatiens

This kind of Impatiens grows very lush, reminds me of the study, every rainy days later, the sun came out, the campus railing, fence even the trees are covered with a quilt scene, then have a look this green garden flowers, green bottom safflower, like which took advantage of the good weather, out sun flower quilt, ha ha

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