February 25, 2013

happy birthday

In the year of the tiger today, so I spent a memorable birthday.

Early in the morning the whole point, her first sent me birthday wishes, she will always be there, let people full of surprises, the love of friends try to melt in the deep affection.Lying in the quilt, the sleep, hear the voice information, curiosity makes I want to open the sound transmission direction.

"Happy birthday, dear."The whole morning, blessing to my heart.I am grateful to God to give me the good friends, whether happy, sad have them with me through.Be forced to leave one's hometown here for many years, never give their birthday, just want to quietly through the belongs to own one day, because I feel that I should give her more love, she took me to the world of a riot of colours; on the contrary, it is my mother gave me more, every year's today is mother wishes to every year, today received mother care most.

"Elder sister, happy birthday!"Don't know is it right? Everyone is the same, with the increase of time, people thought will be mature, usually naughty, big and small let the family worry about me all these years will be on this day to give me a call, more than all, warm in the heart, direct diddled me out of the crystal clear tears.

"XXX, happy birthday!I here you please eat today, or I'll fly you to ask me to eat meal in the past!"So long, one hundred and eight thousand miles uncle for the first time in the time to call me, ha ha.Thank God, I could be the happiest person in the world, had a family pet, friends, more than all,,,

The delicious cake, dinner, surprise, romantic music, friends, family, love, let me really happy birthday.Ping, beans, chicken, handsome, aromatic,,, have you guys, my life will be full of color, thank you for the gift of God to me!!!

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February 04, 2013

Let it Begin

About 2 years ago, I decided to get into reef keeping. I set up a 180 gallon tank with a custom stand that I built in my apartment bedroom. It was a work of art, if I do say myselfcraft storage. Then the worse thing ever happened (well, not really...but read on)...I met someone. It was love instantly. I decided to move to Florida to get married, but sadly, my tank could not go with me. It was 98% set up. It was ready for water and live rockmarketing strategy.

Well, so is life. Fast forward 2 years and I'm now separated, and I want ot get back into reef keeping. Today I bought a 90 gallon reef ready tank. It will be a slow process, as I plan to build another tank stand. I'm not going to rush things and get into debt like I did last time. ...but today it beginspaint rollers.

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