July 17, 2013

How Safe is your Car?

Do you think that the car you are driving is as safe as it can possibly be? Having a safe car can help you out in many different ways. You know that your car is going to protect you if you ever get into an accident. However, did you know that having a safe car is going to keep your car insurance rates down as well? Here are some ways you can determine whether or not your car is a safe one.

牛栏奶粉召回Look At The Brakes

The first thing you want to know is what kind of braking system your car has. Newer cars typically come with anti-lock brakes that will enhance the safety of your car. The ability to stop without your brakes locking up can come in handy in a variety of situations. Driving on a snowy road can be dangerous in any car, but having anti-lock brakes can allow you to stop safely without skidding and sliding. Anti-lock brakes also allow you to stop suddenly if something jumps out at you on the road.
What Kind Of Safety Features Does It Have

An abundance of safety features exist that can make your car much safer. Airbags are a common safety feature in newer cars. Airbags will help cushion the blow if you get into a major accident. They are designed to stop your head from slamming against the steering wheel. Another new technique that makes cars safety is having the front panel simply crumple up and absorb the blow. It won't protect your car, but it will cause you to stay法國襯衫 safe from other potential injuries.

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July 10, 2013

it’s like I won the lottery

I let out a high pitched giggle and threw my head back, causing my wavy hair to cascade around me as I did so. "That’s hilarious,” I said as I gave him a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. I opened up the campaign with a loud boom, and poured it, somehow knowingly exactly when to stop before it bubbled over the edge of the champagne flute.

"So,” I began in a hushed tone, "what happened? Did you win the lottery?”

"No,” he replied, then started again excitedly. "I own a small biotech company. The stock price just went through the roof, because we secured a patent on a process sequencing the peptides of the P360 taxonomic group, the Bunyaviridae virus family.” He stopped talking for a moment, then glanced up at me, looking as though he expected me to be bewildered. "Well, I guess to you, it’s like I won the lottery.”

Of course, that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, I had all sorts of technical questions I wanted to ask him. But all these questions were from the perspective of someone who worked virology, not the type of questions to come from a waitress. I smiled, and let him believe I knew nothing of what he said. In his mind, I was just another blonde bimbo, and there was no reason to disabuse him of this notion.

When the man was finished with his chicken wings, I talked him into ordering a cheesecake. When he was finished with this, I brought him the bill. He paid and as he rose to his feet he thanked me for, in his words "giving an old man a lovely afternoon.” When I brought the bill back to the register, I saw that he had left me a $500 tip.

As the man left, he let two other parties in the door, and I was soon made responsible for them as well. Waitressing was coming quite naturally to me, and after a few more minutes I couldn’t even remember why I had once been afraid. As the hours passed, the restaurant became more crowded, and more waitresses started coming on duty. Even the Friday night dinner rush didn’t phrase me, though. I was taking orders and flirting like nobody’s business

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I never wanted to go back

After several rounds of beers, the inhibitions of the group started to fade. Each guzzle from the frosted mugs made the laughs louder and the attempts to flirt with me more obvious. Tentative glances quickly progressed to ‘accidental’ brushes of the hand. By the end of the evening, those had given way to naked, honest propositions.

"If I wasn’t getting married tomorrow, I’d ask you to come back to my place,” Brian said through slurred words.

"Are you sure that’s going to stop you?” I said with a laugh. I didn’t know if I was just playing the part or if I was serious.

"Some of us don’t have that obstacle, Brian,” Stephanie said, grabbing my hand as I brought out the check. "I think she’s mine.”

"Or perhaps there’s plenty of me to go around,” I said, eliciting more laughter, and feeling thrilled at their desire for me. All my fears were unfounded - I was Marcy, even to those who knew me as Maurice, and I had succeeded with flying colors. It no longer even occurred to me to want to ask them about what had happened to me, or why. All I needed to know was that I never wanted to go back.

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