March 04, 2013

The world lives through camera phone

Is it just me, or have camera- mainly camera phones taken over as eyes for people? Anytime you go to show someone something rather cool or inspiring the response is always - "Oh, hold on a sec- let me get my phone out" or if the person doesn't have their device with them they are so bumed out they can't even enjoy the moment anymore.

I get the idea of wanting to capture things forever and to "have them" for the future. But if you didn't even live it, and enjoy it in the present, what does that image really mean to you?

I've been to a lot of concerts/events recently, and honestly it's dissapointing to see people instead of enjoying themselves, just busy being photographers in the audience. Not that i'm not guilty of recording moments or taking snapshots myself, but everything should be done in moderation. Sometimes I catch myself and have to stop myself and just put my phone or camera away. I just tell myself- you have a few photos, that's all you need really. In ten years am I really going to look through 60 blurry images of my favorite artist on stage?

Parents overdoing it with their kids is another thing. As an aunt I'm also guilty of this, though I made a conscious decision and effort to not worry so much about capturing this weekend when my niece came over. And honestly whereas normally I'm upset and sad when she leaves, this time I know at least I spent those 72 hours enjoying it to the fullest with her in reality and not through an iPhone screen.

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roadside crosses

Every two weeks my curiosity piques, for that's when my line of vision is slapped askew by this roadside cross.
I cruise past it on my road trip up to Bunker Hill and while on my trip I allow my imagination to wander and I concoct elaborate tales of how that very cross came to exist. Naturally the outcome is never very promising Bookcases.

There's another roadside cross much closer in distance; about a mile outside of town. Occasionally I witness a Latino family gathered there at the side of the highway; pulling weeds, placing a new flower arrangement or decorating for a holiday lg cell phone covers.
Once I was secretly pleased to see some birthday balloons floating gently in the wind adhered with colored ribbons. Secretly pleased, yes, but also a bit disturbed by this as well  dermes.

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