August 13, 2014

Accustomed to a person

Loneliness is a person's life, even if the bustling city indemnity HKUE amec cover inner yearning, but still couldn't bear to look at the quiet countryside. Accustomed to the fast pace of urban life, always want to escape, always blame the reality.

Loneliness is a person to travel, a person walking in the streets and roadways, bridges, always see him in her pictures, always on, always can not help to look at their smile. The roadside scenery always touch your soul, it fills your heart that is lonely, a person to walk around and see more, the heart is no longer lonely.

Loneliness is a person shopping, mixed breed street, everywhere, see window dress, whether it is good, it fits, always a person to buy, don't listen to any suggestion, not to ask any one say not good. Always like to have some familiar shop, always like to go to some strange places, always a person quickly walked.

Loneliness is a person online, always like to look at HKUE amec the friends mood, look at their dynamic, always in some space, leaving no trace. Never play games, always listen to music, do not know what to do, always look at the packet on the QQ. A glass of water and some snacks, you can sit in the day before the computer.

Loneliness is a person watching the film, watching the movie plot, always moving, always feel depressed. Always likes to sit in the corner, is always the last to leave, as the protagonist of the film about, why this will be the result?

Loneliness is a person to sleep, always on time to sleep, always got into bed and sleep are playing mobile phone, see if there is a message, and then say goodnight! Always late, bed sheets are always very neat, sleep is a kind of enjoyment.

Loneliness is a person cry, always want to not being seen, always hold back. The total in the background is very fragile, crying becomes a habit, because no one will give you a hug.

Loneliness is a person to go to the hospital, looking at a person holding a person, and then look at the one, always feel no one cares about oneself, heartache than pain.

Loneliness is a person in a daze, always like to look out the window, always like to look at the sky, always like to look at the moon, always looking at the smile. Always put my finger on the lips, always chin.

Loneliness is a person's birthday, and give yourself HKUE amec a break, always have a big dinner. Always give yourself a gift, always said I wish your happy birthday.

Loneliness is a person in the rain, not an umbrella. Don't feel comfortable walking in the rain, walking slowly......

The taste of loneliness, lonely lonely lonely feelings, understand, give you a quiet, give you a calm. Loneliness is not terrible, terrible is loneliness permeates.

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