February 27, 2013

Because to understand

And to work.I don't know how many people like me, it had no feeling, muddleheaded, passed in a flash.A home which do not want to go, just want to have the house, to accompany their parents to Lao Lao dishes, do the housework, and mother's specialty, again good thing.I like this twenty days of nothing has single people, fear most is the lunar January relatives, from eight Kou her uncle seven plus distant relatives care greetings and household survey, there are enthusiastic, preparing to sell, I said the pressure of big mountain.And I never done professional acting training, in the family party, will play a still to pass by of soy sauce, even the best lines do not have.This cold not the D became the protagonist, is not really adapt.A word is repeated three times really impatient look cheerful, and also can't keep pretending.So my dad always said I have no conscience, and relatives also don't kiss.For those who have seen several years not once met, no common language, usually have no intersection of the so-called distant relatives, to tell the truth, really not much.I am inclined to share, exchange, communication, connection, but not clumsy in communication.Never try to violate or force yourself.If the karma is mature, then far people will meet.The will always be together.Climbing paltrily, and be patient to cultivate and watering your heart, healthy seeds, let it blossom fruit.Of course, I also know, who like the warmth of the people, so that I this is thin cool, a poor talker and shy person really is no market Claire Hsu.

All say this year began to take the route of the people first, act loving and selling rot.I don't want to spit, overall feeling good, at least for my parents look very happy, so I am very happy, although they did not understand my joy.Of course, if there is a good gay friend there was more perfect.Obviously, my parents is not to "beat you not naive, no shoes" this sentence excited.Also don't know Yundi why called leehom.So that the resonance is very important, it is important to know.Take the watch TV, I like watching TV, but live with my roommate never watch foreign films.She always said that even words all don't understand watching naoxin.I said you can look at the subtitles, but also can practice spoken english.But I really have no persuasion, she still doesn't like.For instance, I very like a movie, feel very touched, glad to recommend it to others, even to sit with him again, but he saw half think don't get around much anymore, can't watch anymore.What feelings are not from the experience of.He could not understand the film, could not understand me.This time I will feel lost.Don't talk.The music is all, colleagues, all the divine comedy.I even heard of Cheer Chen are not deemed fit.

Of course, there is a reasonable, personal preferences it, I will understand.As I think they hear the song for the same.I like the quiet melody, but in others ears, felt that is not living with dead voice.It also can not blame others, after all, but few friends.Even the parents are unable to completely understand their children.Take my mom, don't know who to listen to mother sent her daughter last year said small goldfish, and ready to give me a surprise, bought a fish and a gold bracelet.In order not to let her down, I'm like.But she did not know, I have no feeling of gold, more don't like to wear gold and silver jewelry, she saw I always forget to wear, and I set the days of gas.You see, originally very happy thing, finally make each other happy.Well, I also want to express is, I still can't afford to buy the camera loves, just is the goldfish Drop proof phone case .

The people who know you, will use the way you need to love you; do not know you, will he needed a way to love you.So, you know, are often twice the result with half the effort, he love freely, you are happy; don't understand you, is often wasted effort, he loved was difficult, you have worked hard.I had so often.Blindly to the good things hard to love someone.But forget to ask whether they can handle.So the outcome was unsatisfactory toughest phone case.

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