June 18, 2013

birthday coming up

ah, its your wify's birthday again. What are you getting this time? I hope not Tiffany's again... I think you guys were married at age 26. Don't you think that is way too early? You are nuts. You marry way too young. WHAT"S THE RUSH??? have you even seen the world? sure, you did see it later.

I guess it is better to have someone than not, to see the world with. You missed her that much that you drove all the way with sonny to see her cross continental. Very chivalrous. Did I tell you I hate you both?? stop reading my tormented soul!! why, are you hooked? are you offended enough yet??

Yeah, I'm a wretched soul alright, with all these unrequited (another word she taught me) feelings and these outbursts.. you see how much impact you two had on me?? burned, scarred and charred... those memories cannot erase nor can the injuries heal. I'm beautiful, but underneath it all, I am full of scabs that always keep me mindful of why and how.....

this torment even comes haunting at night...I think you owe it to me to have a conversation. Do it while I still look good, please.....

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