July 10, 2013

I never wanted to go back

After several rounds of beers, the inhibitions of the group started to fade. Each guzzle from the frosted mugs made the laughs louder and the attempts to flirt with me more obvious. Tentative glances quickly progressed to ‘accidental’ brushes of the hand. By the end of the evening, those had given way to naked, honest propositions.

"If I wasn’t getting married tomorrow, I’d ask you to come back to my place,” Brian said through slurred words.

"Are you sure that’s going to stop you?” I said with a laugh. I didn’t know if I was just playing the part or if I was serious.

"Some of us don’t have that obstacle, Brian,” Stephanie said, grabbing my hand as I brought out the check. "I think she’s mine.”

"Or perhaps there’s plenty of me to go around,” I said, eliciting more laughter, and feeling thrilled at their desire for me. All my fears were unfounded - I was Marcy, even to those who knew me as Maurice, and I had succeeded with flying colors. It no longer even occurred to me to want to ask them about what had happened to me, or why. All I needed to know was that I never wanted to go back.

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