May 09, 2013

too much pain

If nothing else, I gained new resolve to treat those around me with more tenderness and patience, to hug my children more and snap at them less, to tell them every day that I love them, to pray earnestly for them and with them to turn their little consciences toward God cell phone covers.

I remember the words of a friend, once, when I was lamenting the fact that so many children suffer and are hurt and die innocently, and how is it not sometimes hard to believe in an all-good God when there is so much pain? And she said, "In the end, it will be set right. There will be justice computer embroidery factory”.

And it will. Heaven is big enough, eternity is long enough, to heal all the hurts of the lost children; the memories banished like they never happened, burned away by the light of His glory.

There’s already too much pain, so let’s love someone today. We might be keeping them from someday having someone write a sad book about their tragic, horrible life nuskin 如新

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