May 29, 2013

we are all changed

i guess if i could tell you anything it would be just this..
your pain is not lost on us.
women like me. women all over. fellow moms.
it is more than just another news story. another tragedy.
any one of us could be standing where you are.
we are all affected.
we are all changed.

and so we move a little slower through our days.
hold our kids a little tighter.
react a little stronger to the superficial nothings that suck us in.
look around our broken world with a new soberness.
and see with different eyes, a bit more clearly, what matters in life.

i wish there were answers for such senselessness.
such unnecessary loss.

i don't pretend to understand why the story often unfolds as it does.
but i do know what the final chapter holds~

and there will come a day when Light triumphs over darkness.
when wrongs are made right.
when wounds are forever healed. and no more tears will fall.

when mother's arms are filled once again with the precious little ones they have missed and ached for.

i know i speak for many when i say, we love you connecticut moms.
you are in our prayers and we will not forget.

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