February 04, 2013

Let it Begin

About 2 years ago, I decided to get into reef keeping. I set up a 180 gallon tank with a custom stand that I built in my apartment bedroom. It was a work of art, if I do say myselfcraft storage. Then the worse thing ever happened (well, not really...but read on)...I met someone. It was love instantly. I decided to move to Florida to get married, but sadly, my tank could not go with me. It was 98% set up. It was ready for water and live rockmarketing strategy.

Well, so is life. Fast forward 2 years and I'm now separated, and I want ot get back into reef keeping. Today I bought a 90 gallon reef ready tank. It will be a slow process, as I plan to build another tank stand. I'm not going to rush things and get into debt like I did last time. ...but today it beginspaint rollers.

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