September 16, 2013

Life is but a dream., such as play.

Life is short, everyone wants to have a happy and warm family. But in real life, but found that many things are unsatisfactory, every day to many things, even before I did not rest, and to fill the new. For a lifetime, how many disputes and, many deep-seated hatred? Several years later, also not disappear in smoke, what is worth with lifetime to resolve?
Life is short, long long of tens of thousands of days, elusive, said short dozens of autumn, pronto, what reason does not perish? Why don't you rally, and time to match UPS? Time is like a sword, cutting edge, let us use the best mood to fight the new understand.

雪纤瘦Life is short, since you're here, not a trip. When you have nothing to go to lose, it is a new beginning for! Calm and conciliatory. Do what you want to do, love love, heart, what is there against it?. Wrong, do not have to regret, don't complain, men are not saints, to err is human, there is no perfect man in the world, where the emergency is wrong. Only experienced pain relief, only, only experienced a parting, will cherish, only experienced the pain, will strengthen the. Fall, climb up again, believe! Next time you go more stable. Without the rain, how can see the rainbow.

雪纤瘦Life is short, how many dreams can not be achieved, how much love irretrievably lost, there are many things can not have, how to achieve the goal? The dream is broken, the heart is still, love is gone, love is gone, the past, people still, the target is far away, life is still. Everything will just as one wishes, but worthy of my heart, why cling to one thing, to do the personnel, listen to heaven, after efforts, no regrets, why struggle as a result.

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