March 04, 2013

My lovely weekend

Well, my lovelies; the weekend is almost over and what do we have to show for it? Did we accomplish what we set out to accomplish? I certainly hope so. Myself, Brian and the dog? We shamelessly hibernated. This gloomy winter weather has me considering a future move out West. But then I must ask myself: Should that day ever come, would I be wishing to experience the four seasons once again online marketing?

Usually I'm easy to please and want or need very little to keep me satisfied. But man, I'd sure like to feel some sunshine on my face and hear the birds singing a lyrical spring song garage storage.

This morning I laced up the boots, leashed up the canine and together we took off on our morning hike around the canal. Snow flurries and a nippley temperature kept our pace quite swift. Like my knit hat? Everyone should have some skulls & crossbones in their wardrobe. I've heard that accessories make the outfit.
I'm not really much of a fashionista, feeling more comfortable in t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans. Perhaps the hat sets off my snow boots luxury brand?

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